Who’s Behind Brandt Voyage?

We’re Kelsey & Marcus Brandt, and we’re traveling the country with our cat, Mia, in our 29’ motorhome, Dixie. Our adventures spawn many questions and trigger our curiosities along the way. This is a compilation of the fascinations we encounter and diving deeper into the things that make us ponder.

We are two Midwest kids who grew up along the Mississippi and came from different backgrounds, 400 miles apart from each other. We met in Minneapolis five years ago, fell in love, and have been inseparable ever since.

Marcus, a classically trained chef, wooed me, his fellow colleague, while working at a quaint little neighborhood bistro together, with his quirky personality and strong work ethic. I love a man who can make me laugh and fill my belly occasionally, so soon after we started dating Marcus became a permanent fixture at my apartment.

Soon we bought a house, added a second cat to the mix, and got married. Together, we felt untouchable, until one day our world wasn’t like it used to be. We were supposedly living the dream but we found ourselves disconnected from each other and contributing all of our valuable time to fulfilling other people’s dreams.

Overworked, tired, and confused, we needed a change. We decided drastic change was the only way to escape our current reality, so we decided to begin fresh. We sold our possessions, our home, and left the city and friends we love to go in search for more.

We picked up Dixie on August 1st, 2019, got her all dolled up with a new pair of shoes and a fresh coat of paint, packed her up with our remaining possessions, and set out on our new adventure together: traveling unplanned through the U.S. for as long as we are able to.

During our travels we hope to connect with people from different kinds of backgrounds, cook with fresh ingredients we encounter, and entertain our curiosities along the way.

It’s not always rainbows, waterfalls, and sunshine, but it sure is insightful. Join us along our journey!

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